Are online payments to Bodyskin safe?

We at BODYSKIN understand how important information security and privacy is to you. You can be assured that your order will be placed safely and securely. All of our websites are equipped with an https protocol, which makes online purchasing easy and completely safe. We use PCI-certified providers and an SSL-connection (Secure Sockets Layer) for online payments. When you use our services, we encrypt every transmission of personal information. This means all your personal information is secure and inaccessible by other users.

My payment via credit card has failed. What went wrong?

If your payment via credit card is unsuccessful, we can only advise you to try again, maybe using a different computer. For your own safety, our customer service representatives will never ask you for your credit card details via email or over the telephone. If the payment still does not come through, there is always the possibility of ordering via wire transfer.

Can I receive an invoice for my order?

Inside your package you will find a summary of your order which could serve as an invoice. For more information, please see our General Conditions. “Consumer agreement in accordance with art. 2, 3° of the law of the 6th of April 2010 concerning market practices and consumers protection ("any natural person who, solely for non-professional purpose, acquires or uses products brought to the market").”